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Project Description
Fast WPF datagrid control designed to work with large datasets, with mandatory data virtualization.

  • fast DataGrid control for .NET - WPF
  • designed for large data sets
  • both columns and rows are defined in model
  • uses MVVM design pattern, but (for performance reasons) does not use classic WPF binding
  • works only with data virtualization (UI virtualization is not needed as in other WPF datagrid controls)
  • for rendering is used WriteableBitmapEx library


  • Fast scrolling and rendering
  • Excel-like mouse-drag selecting
  • Hide columns/rows
  • Frozen columns/rows
  • Own rendering, WPF templates are not used. Supported objects - text (with italic, bold attributes), images, image buttons



FastWPFGrid is used in DbMouse project ( http:/// )

Model implementation

Grid control is bind to model, which controls displayed data. Below is example of model implementation.

using System;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using System.Linq;
using System.Text;
using System.Threading.Tasks;
using FastWpfGrid;

namespace FastWpfGridTest
    public class GridModel1 : FastGridModelBase
        private Dictionary<Tuple<int, int>, string> _editedCells = new Dictionary<Tuple<int, int>, string>();
        private static string[] _columnBasicNames = new[] { "", "Value:", "Long column value:" };

        public override int ColumnCount
            get { return 100; }

        public override int RowCount
            get { return 1000; }

        public override string GetCellText(int row, int column)
            var key = Tuple.Create(row, column);
            if (_editedCells.ContainsKey(key)) return _editedCells[key];

            return String.Format("{0}{1},{2}", _columnBasicNames[column % _columnBasicNames.Length], row + 1, column + 1);

        public override void SetCellText(int row, int column, string value)
            var key = Tuple.Create(row, column);
            _editedCells[key] = value;

        public override IFastGridCell GetGridHeader(IFastGridView view)
            var impl = new FastGridCellImpl();
            var btn = impl.AddImageBlock(view.IsTransposed ? "/Images/flip_horizontal_small.png" : "/Images/flip_vertical_small.png");
            btn.CommandParameter = FastWpfGrid.FastGridControl.ToggleTransposedCommand;
            btn.ToolTip = "Swap rows and columns";
            return impl;

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